Test Your Knowledge And Make Profits – Top 3 Trivia Apps

Socrates spoke the ever-famous words – “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”, a piece of advice betraying the limitations of human knowledge. In fact, many people agree that expertise in an area of learning doesn’t necessarily translate into expertise in all other areas. Nonetheless, there are some of us that take great pride in knowing something about everything. And then, there’s another group that knows all there is to know (almost to the point of fanatical obsession) about a narrow field.

Irrespective of whether you are a generalist or laser-focused on one area of expertise, wouldn’t it feel nice to make some money on the side off your knowledge.  Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store are now filled with hundreds of trivia apps that allow you to test your knowledge across a wide cross-section of fields, win bragging rights, and earn some money on the side.

We think that Trivia is a misnomer for the random of a collection of facts that our brains store. Interestingly, there’s nothing trivial about trivial games. Below are the top 3 trivia apps that could prove that you know nothing or know many things.

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HQ Trivia

If you are interested in trivia, it is somewhat unthinkable that you haven’t heard about HQ Trivia. Hosted by Scott Rogowsky and others, HQ Truva is a live trivia game show where people compete to win a slice of a daily price money for answering a series of 12 questions correctly. The questions are usually from a wide range of disciplines, but the HQ team occasionally host games around specific genres. The live trivia game show happens twice each day at 3PM EST and 9PM EST and the prize money is usually $2,500 at least, $5000 prize days are frequent, and people can compete for up to $100,000 on special occasions.

HQ trivia also gives you extra lives for referring friends to download and play the game and the extra lives can get you back into the game when you miss a question. Apart from the fact that you compete to win money, you also get to chat on the game screen with your HQties, and the best part is that you get to learn something new in every game.

That’s Right!

That’s Right is a live quiz game show that provides a mix of quiz to test your knowledge and a raffle draw to test your luck. The quiz and luck mix that That Right provides gives all players improved odds to win – a better proposition than other trivia games where all the odds are stacked against you. Players get a chance to win a part of $2000 every night from getting all the quiz questions correctly or winning the raffle draw.

All players are issued a ticket at the start of the game, and correct answers to the quiz questions earn your more tickets—at the tickets are entered into a raffle where the luckiest player wins a prize money. So, while HQ trivia might end your chances of winning if you miss a question, That’s Right still gives you the hope of winning some money until the very end of the game.

In fact, That’s Right gives you more tickets for every quiz question you answer correctly; thereby improving your odds as you progress in the game. No other trivia or quiz game in the market right now helps you to increase the odds of winning games based on the number of correct answers you’ve had.

A cool feature in That’s right is that you get to vote on to choose the category for the next question—the majority vote determines the field in which the next question will be asked. That’s Right is open to all players worldwide every day at 9:15PM EST. The app (currently available only on iOS) is free to download and play. The best part is that the app sends a notification when the live trivia game is about to start so, you don’t have to worry about missing the fun and rewards.

Perk Pop Quiz

Trivia OGs will also like trying out their hands at Perk Pop Quiz which is another trivia game gaining rapid popularity. One of the key selling points of Perk Pop Quiz is that you can play at any time of the day at your convenience, unlike HQ Trivia and That’s Right that can only be played at specific times. However, you don’t get to win money per se on Perk Pop Quiz; rather, you earn Perk Points with the correct answers—more correct answers earn your more perk points. You can then redeem your points fortune for gift cards on Target, Nike, Starbucks, and Amazon among others.

Many players seem to have taken issue with the quality of customer support on Perk Pop Quiz, but maybe the fact that it is not a live game show accounts for the seeming lag. Nonetheless, answering quiz questions and earning gift card points sound like a good deal.

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