Trimensional: World’s First iPhone 3D Scanner App

I remember the first time I watched Princess Leia tell Han Solo she loved him right before he was frozen in carbonite. For a geeky little girl like I was back then, that was about the most romantic movie scene ever. Last year I wrote about a designer who made a Han Solo Carbonite Desk. That desk became very popular and definitely put that designer on the map.

That brings me to the Steve Jobs In Carbonite iPhone case that has been circulating the Internet the last few days. According to Richard’s article, there is a George Lucas iPhone case like this floating around out there too. I’d love to check that out!

It all got me thinking about the possibility of creating creepy 3D carbonite-looking images of ourselves. Wouldn’t that be fun? It didn’t take much research to find out that not only can we do that, we can do it from our iPhone! About four months ago, the world’s first app which acts as a 3D scanner for the iPhone was released. The guy that developed it, Grant Schindler, created it right down the street from me at Georgia Tech. According to the video below, this Trimensional app uses the phone’s front-facing camera and light projected from four directions to generate a 3D model. Since a front facing camera is required for this app, it is only compatible with the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th generation, and iPad 2. Grant is also working on an Android version.

For only a buck, you’ll be able to scan your own 3D image, rotate and zoom your 3D models, choose from 6 different 3D rendering modes, view a 3D slideshow and email images, movies and animated GIFs to friends. Although the uses for this app aren’t very sophisticated, I think it would be great for an art project and just to simply take some really funny pictures since the facial expressions are exaggerated and disproportioned. Here’s the iTunes link. Have fun!

Trimensional 3D Image App

Trimensional 3D Image iPhone App

Trimensional 3D Image App

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