3 Simple Ways For Entrepreneurs To Boost Website Traffic In 2020

Websites have become an essential tool for many businesses of all shapes and sizes. After all, an online portal gives companies a chance to effectively showcase their services and also allows them to inform visitors of the philosophy that underpins their organization.

However, with so many sites out there, it can sometimes be tough to figure out how you can ultimately ensure that yours attracts attention. If you’re an entrepreneur who has just established a new venture, you may well be keen on some ideas on how to get more traffic into your website.

While you may have already taken basic steps on SEO, here we take a look at a few other things you could consider as you look to get more eyes on your work.

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1. Go Mobile

It remains very easy to think of the design of a website in terms of how it would look on a desktop or laptop computer, but bear in mind that the way people access such portals has changed massively in recent years. In fact, a recent study by App Annie confirmed that smartphones and tablets are now our go-to devices, with consumers spending an average of 3 hours and 40 minutes a day on them in 2019.

This equates to 35 percent more time than two years ago and means that having a website that is properly optimized for mobile is a must. Implementing the right design should ensure people can easily access your services at the touch of a button.

2. Create Engaging Content

Another good option is to create content that gives people a reason to visit your website. Blogging and discussing key talking points in your industry could prove compelling and may mean you develop a reputation for thought leadership.

Other strategies might include developing shareable items like infographics, video content or even a news feed featuring stories linked to your industry. A good example of the latter can be seen at bet365, which supports its football betting services with news on developments within the sport.

This means that visitors and bettors alike can track the news ahead of making a wager – or only do the former, whilst still keeping the brand in mind for when they may want to do the latter in the future.

3. Embrace Social Media

Finally, a great approach for driving traffic to your website is to utilize social media. As Social Media Explorer explains, there are a host of different channels you could consider for business marketing, but it is useful to think about which would ultimately best suit your needs.

On a general level, however, social media can be ideal for sharing your content, promoting new deals and offers and also simply engaging with people. The latter can be particularly useful as you seek feedback on how to improve services and – potentially – even how to make your website even more attractive to your target audience.

Boost Your Traffic Today

It can be quite easy to make the mistake of establishing a website and then not knowing what you can ultimately do with it.

However, we hope the ideas above provide you with some food for thought on how you could drive traffic to your site going forward. For an entrepreneur, getting this issue right could be a big step towards achieving a good level of success.

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