5 Most Outsourced Back Office Support Services

Cooperating with a third-party vendor that provides back office support can be very beneficial for any business and there are 2 reasons why:

  • Ability to focus on business development: having someone else doing all the routine but essential tasks can spare lots of your time for focusing on core business operations.
  • Reducing costs: using the services of a third-party company is way cheaper than having an in-house person managing all of these tasks. According to research, Fortune 500 companies waste an approximate amount of $480 B because of inefficient back office processing.

In this article we would discuss the top 5 most popular back office support services, so you can decide whether or not back office outsourcing would be beneficial for your organization.

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1. Data Entry

Inputting data into the system takes a lot of time. In simple terms, it implies copy-pasting data from a particular source to the target system. The tricky part happens when data has to be researched, classified, cleared up, or needs the application of business rules before registering into a system. Giving such work to the in-house employee is now the most cost-effective option, so this business aspect is quite often outsourced.

2. Content Moderation

Every business may face a problem of negative, fake, or inappropriate content being posted on its social media pages by other people. Such posts should be removed or answered in order to maintain a positive brand reputation. Delegating this work to external people who know how to handle such situations is the best idea.

3. Order Management

Sales & marketing support is often outsourced because that is an essential business operation that needs to be taken care of with particular attention. Third-party vendors can do all the order management for you including approving the orders, packing and sending them, processing order returns, and solving any possible issues.

4. Database Building & Cleaning

A well-designed database is important for every business as it helps to quickly access and manage all the needed business details and make well-informed business decisions. By outsourcing this process you would have a good-structured database created for you in adherence with all of your requirements.

5. Image Editing And Cropping

Many businesses outsource photo editing and cropping as it requires lots of time but also should be done by a professional. By outsourcing this process you would always have the needed number of well-edited visuals that could become a great addition to your marketing materials.

Summing Up

In this article, we’ve discussed the 5 most popular back office services, however, a variety of other business processes also may be outsourced. If you see that there’s a routine process in your organization that requires lots of time and drains your resources, consider finding a back office support vendor. While searching for such a company make sure to read the reviews of the options available on the market, take a close look at their case studies, compare pricing options and assess the quality of communication with clients.

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