The Different Kinds Of Flags Used For Advertising

When promoting a business or an event, a go-to for spreading the word is flags. You likely often see flags set up outside of venues, shops, and even homes because they grab the attention of people nearby. When it comes to marketing, there are many types of flags that are used. What is the purpose of each one and how do businesses know which kind of advertising flag is right for them? Here are some of the most popular kinds of promotional flags.

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3×5 Flags

This is the most common type of flag because it’s used for more than advertising purposes. These are the kinds of flags you also often see displayed outside of people’s homes or government buildings. The 3×5 dimension is standard for state flags and country flags, check Antigua flag here, and is also a popular size for marketing flags. Business owners that install “Open” flags outside of their stores use the 3×5 size.

These kinds of flags are usually assembled on poles, such as wall-mounted holders, street poles, or large, in-ground pole sets. If you are trying to spread the word about your business to people nearby, such as with passersby and drivers, the usually 3×5 size is a good option. Many people also get the 3×5 flag in the same shape, but in different measurements to accommodate bigger and smaller spaces.

Feather Flags

When it comes to promoting a business, feather flags are probably the most popular flag used. These are the large, blade-shaped flags you see displayed on sidewalks or in the grass. They will usually have large text down the banner to inform potential customers the name of the business if they are having a sale if it’s their grand opening or other important messages.

These are standard for businesses because of their tall size that is easy to see from far away, the skinny design that makes them simple to set up in a variety of places, and their ability to be installed indoors and outdoors. Feather flags are set up with pole sets and can be secured to the ground with floor bases or with stakes. Several companies that offer these types of flags sell custom feather flags, as well as common stock messages to choose from.

Car Flags

In all the times you’ve driven in a town or on the highway, chances are that you’ve noticed a flag set up on someone’s car. What did the flag say? Sometimes car flags showcase someone’s state or country flag, but often they are also used to showcase the logo of a company. Drivers will use car flags for advertising purposes because it spreads brand awareness to other cars on the road. Cars don’t always have to be driving to use flags. Many dealerships or slow-moving parades, also install car flags on their vehicles.

When investing in car flags, it’s important to find the right kind of flag that suits your purpose. If you plan on using your flag on the highway, you need to find a pole set that is more durable compared to those used for standstill displays.

Miniature Flags

While not as large and eye-catching as the standard 3×5 flags or feather flags, many companies also set up miniature flags inside their business. You will commonly see mini flags located on a front desk in a lobby or on a table at a trade show or local fair.

Often, if you do not have the space needed for a big, boldly designed flag, using the space you do have, such as a table or desk, can do the trick of grabbing someone’s attention and promoting your brand. Not only are miniature flags designed for setting up on tables, but many people carry around small flags at events, such as sports games or parades, so there are many locations and occasions to use these kinds of flags.

Golf Flags

Plenty of businesses hold promotional golf events, so this is where branded golf flags come in handy. Golf flags are the printed flags you see on golf holes throughout a course. These flags are usually labeled with a number, but they can also be used to advertise the name of the course or the business sponsoring the golfing event.

These types of flags may not be as versatile or common as other kinds of flags, but they are very beneficial to companies that do a lot of networking on the golf course. Also, if your company deals with sporting equipment or clothes, using golf flags to market your business is a great idea.

Pennant Flags

Many stores in small towns will showcase a string of pennant flags outside of their business to grab the eye of people walking by. Several larger stores might also use them as decorations indoors by hanging them from the ceiling.

Pennant string flags are a good way of decorating a storefront or inside a business because they are long and often colorful. Many companies that specialize in these products even allow you to use different designs on the pennants so that you can implement a range of graphics and messages to your customers. Pennant flags are also ideal decorations for events because they are like party décor. Companies of all sizes and from all industries can find a use for these types of flags.

Closing Thoughts

When choosing the kind of flag you want, it’s important to consider where you plan on setting it up, what purpose it needs to serve, and what you are promoting. Flags don’t have to be the standard “Open” and “Welcome” messages. They can have their own unique designs that will make you stand out from the competition while also attracting the attention of those nearby. Therefore, even after there have been many technological additions to advertising, advertising flags are still a go-to for marketing a business.

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