Website Ideas For Making Money In 2023

The Internet offers many creative opportunities to earn money. Online commerce runs into hundreds of billions of dollars annually, and carving a minute slice of the market can earn you significant money. This article will explain various ways to make money from a website in 2023.

Website Ideas Making Money 2023


1. Create A Blog

A blog is an informational website where you can share your ideas and knowledge. The defining characteristic of a blog is frequent updating. You must constantly create new posts to attract new readers and retain existing ones.

You can create a blog and write about a topic you’re passionate about. It’s advisable to pick a topic you have a burning passion for, as it’ll motivate you to write articles at the beginning stages when you have a small audience.

You can grow your blog with time and build a significant following.

Once you build a significant following, you can monetise your website with advertisements. You can insert banner ads or affiliate links for brands relevant to your audience. The relevancy is essential, as you don’t want to show ads that your readers are not interested in.

If you run a clothing blog, advertise clothing brands. If you run a gaming blog, advertise gaming accessories…and so on.

2. Sell Digital Or Physical Items

You can create a simple website to sell products online. It can be physical or digital products. For example, if you’re good at sewing clothes, you can set up an online store to sell your creations.

If you’re a good writer, you can create and sell e-books to make money.

You’ll need to advertise your store to get customers. You can do that via word of mouth, social media, search engines, blogs, etc. An online store can earn substantial profits if you play your cards right.

3. Create A Review Website

You can create a website to review products that you’re knowledgeable about. This sector is very lucrative because many people search for reviews online before buying a product.

You can write detailed reviews about products you’re passionate about, e.g., smartphones, PCs, game consoles, cosmetics, etc. Your website can gain a lot of traffic from search engine referrals.

If you own a review site, the best way to monetise it is by inserting affiliate links for the products you review. This way, you can earn commissions whenever a reader follows your affiliate link to purchase a recommended product.

4. Questions And Answers Website

Many people come online to seek answers to important questions. You can earn money by building a question & answer (Q&A) site for specific niches. For instance, you can create a Q&A website for topics about computer programming.

If your website gains significant traffic, you can monetise it with affiliate links.

The key here is to focus on a specific niche. Q&A websites are very competitive, so capturing a general audience is challenging. Look for a specific topic that you’re knowledgeable about and create a website dedicated to that topic.

You can start by answering common questions to draw an audience. Some visitors may sign up and start contributing more answers to your site.

5. Job Board

A job board is a website that employers use to advertise job vacancies to prospective job seekers. You can create a job board for a specific industry, e.g., catering, banking, oil & gas, education, etc. Focusing on a specific industry increases your chances of getting traffic.

You can monetise your job board with advertisements or by charging employers to post vacancies. Job boards make it easy for people to find work and for employers to select the best candidates.

6. Create A Forum

You can create an online forum dedicated to a specific topic. People can sign up on your forum and create long discussion threads about specific issues. You can monetise online forums with advertisements or by selling premium memberships to users.


We have listed some of the best website ideas to make you money. Don’t expect quick, easy money; you’ll have to put in effort to make it worthwhile. But you can earn a lot if you play your cards right.

Website Ideas Making Money 2023


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