7 Reasons Why Your Website Traffic Is Up But Conversions Are Down

There is a simple theory in marketing that was promoted by Jay Abraham: Increase the amount of traffic to increase your customer conversions and make more sales.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the case sometimes, which can make it frustrating for marketers to deal with. In this article, we take a look at some of the factors that should be contributing to improving your site’s conversion rate performance.

1. Attracting Unqualified Web Traffic

One of the common mistakes marketers make is that they engage in a campaign that attracts unqualified web traffic. Check the audience targeting of your web campaign to see if there’s any way to improve the quality of the web traffic.

2. Improve The Way That You Promote People To Convert On Your Site

Whether you are promoting them to register as a lead or to complete a sale, there should be promotions on your site that will compel them to convert in some way.

3. Maximize The Way You Promote To Visitors That Visit Your Site

This could include using a welcome mat, pop-ups, hover ads or even scrolling pop-up boxes. Additionally, you can promote call-to-actions as clickable text on the site.

4. Improve The Incentives That Are Being Used On Your Site

If the conversions aren’t improving, then the incentive probably isn’t strong enough for the audience that is coming through to the site.

For example, a local mechanic might have a website offer that says “5% discount off your next service if you subscribe to the website today.”

It’s a kind offer, but it isn’t a strong offer. A stronger incentive would be “Sign-up today and get a free checkup on your vehicle in the next 30 days, valued at $100 – Offer expires once you leave this page.” This type of offer is much stronger, acting as a call-to-action for prospective clients.

Not only will an incentive like this attract more conversions, but it will help the business to make more money over the long-term.

5. Make Use Of Hover Sign-Up Forms

Webmasters that have implemented CTA’s that hover in the browser frame as the web user navigates the site report increases in conversions.

6. Capture More Sign-Ups With Exit Pop-Ups

When people are about to navigate away from the site, an exit pop-up can appear and prompt them to sign-up or take advantage of a final offer before they leave the website.
Qualify them with longer and more informative content.

[pullquote]Content marketing is going to be one of the most frequent buzzwords that you will hear in 2017.[/pullquote] It is effective because it can attract qualified prospects to engage with your site’s content, and the content informs them enough to give them the confidence to proceed with the conversion.

For example, a person that is interested in teeth whitening services might stumble upon an article that talks about the pros and cons of teeth whitening. It can inform the prospect about the techniques or chemicals that actually provide real results.

The content actually starts to nurture and guide the prospect to make an informative decision, which will lead them to convert on their site.

There are also some other things that you should be aware of.

7. Analytics Ghost Spam

This has been increasing substantially over the past few years as hackers exploit the loophole in Google Analytics by sending fake traffic to a website. This often tricks users into visiting websites that are involved in malicious activity.

If this is the case, then optimize and filter your web traffic so that it eliminates the web spam.

These are a few factors that you should consider when optimizing your conversion performance on your website. Do an audit of your site to see where you can make improvements and get some quick wins!

Why Your Traffic Is Is Up But Conversions Are Down

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