A-Fold: The Standing Enhancement For Your iPad

Ever since the iPad was released, everyone has been on the look out for something worth our investment to actually make it stand on its own. The search has been long, and it has sometimes been annoying and depressing. Everyone wants to come up with the next and perfectly designed stand for the iPad, but no one seems to be able to pull it off. As soon as you hear about something, it’s always some odd contraption that you really wonder why someone even bothered putting the time in to develop, manufacture and promote. However, I think that the search is over…

The solution comes from Moss, and it is truly elegant and stylish. There are no more odd bends or bulky contraptions to make your iPad do what you want it to. For once, you can just make it stand on its own without it looking awkwardly embarrassing. Please welcome the “A-Fold.” Resting you iPad in this stand will make it look like a mini monitor standing gracefully on your table beside you.

The cool thing about this one is that you have the option to actually pivot it in several different degrees in order to get the perfect visual experience from it. I find it specifically useful when you want to watch a movie when you code or do your work on your main computer. It might even be a good way to read your iBook at night before submitting to the ole shut-eye. It’s available for (a little bit pricey) $65, but it is well worth the investment.