All The World’s Pill Bottles Make A Staggering Chandelier

Alright, maybe that was an exaggeration to say the least. However, it took quite a lot to incorporate these prescription pill bottles into a chandelier and floor lamps (or whatever you want to call them). Even though I haven’t yet had to pop too many pills in my life, except them pesky sleeping pills, I grasp the quantity of plastic waste product piling up from all of these pill bottles. It must be staggering. Are they recycled, reused or what happens with them? I am pretty sure they are grounded down to pellets and reused, but I guess that’s another story.

What you could do is to do exactly what Jean Shin did and create a beautiful (depending on who’s looking at it I guess) chandelier and floor lamp out of them. This art piece, called “Chemical Balance III,” was an experiment that took collecting thousands of empty prescription pill bottles from nursing homes, pharmacies and people’s individual medicine cabinets.

Even though it is an art piece, I can’t help but think it looks quite cool. Sure, I would never “install” one of these in my own home since that would probably make me run the risk of coming across like a drug addict. However, the dim light and the creativeness of these lamps are quite cool and inspiring. If we just put our minds to it, we can really recycle pretty much everything we humans create and throw away. The ultimate solution would be if we all started making things that were 100% recyclable so that there would never again be anything stockpiled and land filled for future generations. I mean, what are our great great grand children going to think when they dig up a huge landfill of Bakelite phones? I wish I could see their reactions. If that’s not a video for “FutureTube,” then I don’t know what is.