Cardboard Furniture Is Your Refoldable Lifestyle Gone Recyclable

Sometimes we all stumble over ideas that are just too good to let go. When you get one, you will do anything you can to get it off the ground. For a few people, it’s sheer luck that they become successful doing what they do. For the most part though, it’s perseverance that creates great empires and global company domains. When you have a good idea, or think you do, go for it! That is exactly what the innovator behind this cardboard furniture series did when he found himself deep in creativity.

When creativity knocks on the door, it would be foolish not to answer. For Zach Rotholz, that creativity meant he had to use $5,000 of his bar mitzvah money to realize the idea he had in his head. With a lot of budgeting and finding cheap collaborators, Zach managed to get his idea into the real world. The cardboard furniture line he imagined became the Chairigami company.

Zach’s innovative idea is unfortunately not new. Not too long ago, we featured another cardboard furniture idea that was mainly installed into one particular office. I don’t know whether or not that idea got off the ground. Zach’s approach is to produce cardboard furniture for everyone, not just companies. As you can see in the images below, Zach has been able to drum up quite a few innovative designs that you can fold up and put away anytime if you want a little bit more space.

I can see how this could work if you were able to “skin” them with texture and so forth. Maybe that is something for Zach to consider since it could be the case that many people wouldn’t want to have this cardboard furniture lingering in their living room for longer than it takes to impress their friends and loved ones, or? If people could texture them to give them a bit of a “homey” feel, I think this project could be brilliant. But then again, what do I know, right? That’s just my humble opinion.

Zach Rotholz’s Chairigami Cardboard Furniture




Via: [Technabob]