Coca Cola Goes EcoCoke | The Genius Future Of A Trusted Brand

My last article about Coca Cola’s “should be” effort of becoming a more environmentally aware brand was both highly appreciated as well as unlikely according to some of the comments. Apparently many of the people that made those comments believe that Coca Cola, being one of the most exclusive and well preserved brands, just wouldn’t change their soda cans to exclude the red paint only to become environmentally friendly. Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I could have been wrong, but at the same time I really don’t want to be.

However, what I didn’t know then was that there were several other designers working on this very same issue in order to solve the highly polluting way their paint and packaging were applied to their brand. There is someone that really, and I mean passionately, wanted to solve this Rubik’s/Tetris puzzle kind of a challenge.

The designer, Andrew Kim, has applied something that we have all totally missed. He has somewhat solved the grand puzzle and created hope for the highly sought after beverage. And he has done it all in a beautiful and genius way.

The new design is 100% green, 100% stackable and 100% cool! It’s such a beautiful execution and it’s making the brand look even more futuristic in my opinion. The packaging is made out of 100% sugar cane byproducts and is also collapsible to make it more efficient when transported for recycling.

Did you know that today’s PET bottles are 100% recyclable as well? However, only 50% of the produced and distributed bottles are ever recycled. This brings up a huge issue. This, I think, would solve a lot of those issues. Now if only Coca Cola could take a look at these and be as excited as I am about the new design… that would change the world in a HUGE way.