Creepy Paper Art To Decorate Your Haunted House

There is something special about thrillers and horror movies. I guess it’s the certainty of getting that adrenaline pumping that makes those movies so appealing. Sometimes it becomes a little bit too intense, and that’s when many stop watching horror movies all together. When “Paranormal Activity” was released, there were many people that thought that it would probably not be too scary, but they were of course wrong. In fact, that movie has become somewhat of a phenomenon. That’s not because of its special effects (which are quite sparse), but because of its minimal budget and the huge profit they made from the theaters. The movie was created with just $15,000, and when it went out of theaters, it had already made the creators $193,355,800. Where did it leave the cinema goers after they had seen the movie?

Well, I am sure they wouldn’t put up any of Nick Georgiou‘s art on their walls anytime soon. I am sure his art is not haunted in any way, but a simple stare at all the portraits is just chilling to the bones. If you were to walk up the stairs with a couple of these hanging on the wall after coming home from the cinema, and had fresh memories of Paranormal Activity in your mind, then I am sure you would rather stay at a friends house.

Nick’s art is a reminder of yesterday’s declining printed world. It’s created to honor and breathe new life into what was created yesterday. It’s a rebirth of the magazines and newspapers that we so often just throw away after spending an average of 20 minutes with it. Newspapers have to be the one product that takes the longest man hours to put together, and it has the shortest life span per person. If you think about it, it’s really sad. However, now there is a way to “enjoy” yesterdays printed material, and at the same time, decorate that haunted house of yours. Have you thoroughly checked that closet of yours? You know there’s something in there… you just don’t know what… yet!