Design Evolution On The Web Explained [Infographic]

As with everything, the evolution of web design is moving forward at an ever more rapid pace. In order to understand what appeals to people, you would have to look at the design evolution and track what’s popular now and what was popular in the past. Maybe there will be a design revival soon, and it would be good to know what that might be all about. Technology of course plays a huge part in the way we design for the web. However, design evolution will most likely always be about simplicity and user friendly interfaces that will make visitors stay as long as possible without getting annoyed by the patterns, menu system and of course the overall design. Design evolution will always move forward so why shouldn’t we, right?

Depending on how you look at it, web design hasn’t been around for very long. Even though the initial groundwork for what would become the Internet started back in the early 1950s, we are still just scraping the surface of what the Internet can potentially be. We are seeing more and more services spring up thanks to new and more advanced languages and engines that will make our websites more alive. At one point in time, we were all about Flash. We thought if we could get things to look more animated on our site, it would attract a lot more people. Well, that has died down a little and people have somewhat realized that content is better than a ton of moving objects on the screen.

In this infographic called Evolution Of Web Design created by Carrington College, we travel through time from the beginnings of the Internet all the way through the most important milestones of web design tools and languages. The design evolution itself was slow and and at some points quite annoying thanks to the speed of the Internet connections that were available to us during those times. However, with new speed comes new tools and ideas. I think we’ll see an increase in how fast design evolution develops from now on. Sure, we have seen a lot already, and thinking about how we could once again reinvent the Internet as it relates to design seems far away and quite frankly impossible at the current time, but that will most likely change in the future.

There will always be people who are ready to push things further and make something new out of it. We might not even know the whole story of how the Internet has evolved into what it is today, but you have to admit that design evolution has come a long way since it was first introduced when someone tried to make an online document (which is called a website today) a lot more perfected and nice to look at.

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Header Image: [Jeksel]