Human Landscapes: If Your Skin Grows Moss And Cows

We’ve posted quite a lot of odd things here on Bit Rebels, and we’re not about to stop anytime soon. Everything from sketches to furniture has been dissected and showcased, each with that little bit of an edge. It’s time to widen our perspective when it comes to art cause this “genre” of art I haven’t seen before. It’s wonderfully awkward and weird yet amazingly creative and soothing in a way. As you can see, I am not much of an art critic however I love looking at it.

Levi van Veluw is a toon head character with a lot of weird ideas, and I don’t mean that figuratively. The ideas that Levi portrays in his art is just amazingly odd in every way. I mean, who else comes up with the concept of creating human landscapes of the four seasons with moss, trees and all? He even manages to incorporate cows, tractors and street lights. You name it and he’s probably thought of it first.

He has a way of portraying what is wonderful with the world and does it on a canvas of human skin and curves. Everything has a purpose and I can only speculate how long these pieces of artworks must have taken to create. Being a model in this kind of situation must be really tough. The pay is probably mediocre, and I am not sure if the model agencies will be impressed or grossed out by the portfolio if you include these things.

I would like to give Levi my utmost respect and props for coming up with something as odd and awkward that made me look and look again. With people like Levi in the world, I feel we still have a chance at figuring out all the odd situations we put ourselves in. Period.