If You Don’t Have These, You’re No Designer!

So you sit there, doing your work and frantically trying to finish your project before the deadline hits the flat line. You stay up long hours to prove to your clients that you are the best choice they could ever have made. There is no stopping you now cause you are full of ideas and you dream of a big and successful design empire where you call the shots. You’re in a bubble full of inspiration and the Wacom board is just on fire. You’re branding yourself and proudly say -“I am a freelance designer!

However, I can honestly say, with pure certainty, that you are not. You think you are a freelance designer because you have your Photoshop, your Illustrator and your Wacom board that if anyone were to ever come close to touching, he or she would forever be banished from your inner circle of trust, possibly calling off the friendship as well. Yup, it’s that serious!

If you have all that… but not the awesome and highly exclusive set of Photoshop refrigerator magnets, your are not allowed to even remotely call yourself a freelance designer. Heck, you aren’t eligible to call yourself a designer at all. Can’t you see this thing is for all mankind? Can’t you see that unless you have these, there is no tomorrow waiting to be painted and designed? Well, I guess you will find out just how much you are missing out on.

Jokes aside, and maybe I went on too long… these things are just so über cool that missing out on them would be a sorry 24 hours to call a day. Your clients will for sure enjoy fiddling around with these things on your fridge while you pour up their coffee a few feet away. And don’t be stupid, you know what you can do with them right? Just put your highly competitive prices on your fridge held up there with these puppies and you will have a customer for life. Heck, why not do your entire unveiling on the fridge. It would surely cause some serious laughs and be a monumental icebreaker. Just saying…

Buy them at Meninos for only $25!