Jumbo Stuff-Let’s Go Large

It seems that not only can we get Go-Large items when we purchase our drinks and fries from our favorite fast food outlets but we can also get jumbo supplies.

Having a hard time getting people to notice your message? Jot down your notes on this Jumbo Stick It Notes Pads. The stick it pads is 36 times larger than the post it pads you normally purchase.  The Jumbo StickIt Pads features 80 adhesive sheets that are 12″ x 12″. These sheets are nearly identical to a standard Post-It® Note, except that the Jumbo StickIt sheets are 36 times larger!   Ensure your messages receive the attention they deserve with these outrageously over-sized sticky notes.

jumbo-paper-clipsNow let’s check out the Jumbo Paper Clip – As they say bigger is better. Each paper clip can hold 100 sheets of paper plus, they’re ginormous, 4-inch-tall paper clips!. Apparently, the product too has so many uses. Other than holding giant stacks of useless papers together, Jumbo Paper Clips have other useful functions. They can be used as bookmarks, keychains, money clips, or even as heavy duty paper clip shooters.

You may be saying to yourself are you kidding, who would buy that?  The product is now out of stock and will surely let you know when they are available again.