Most BIZARRE Coke Commercial Ever

So I finally understand it. Why we all love Coca Cola so much. There has been many legends and rumors about the origins of the very addicting beverage. Everything from there being real cocaine in small amounts in the first “Original” Coca Cola to it being used as rust removal from the start. It’s even been rumored that it was used as medicine for a bad stomach etc.

BUT, I think I cracked it…I think I actually cracked it. The mystery why we all love Coca Cola so much. And it’s quite simple. We are all hypnotized! We are all in a daze after Coca Cola’s most bizarre Coke commercial ever and we’re constantly on the outlook for Coca Cola. See, how many times have I said the name Coca Cola in this short article…mmmm MUST HAVE COCA COLA!

Most Bizarre Coca Cola Commercial Ever