Papercraft Darth Vader Is A Holy Creation

It’s time to take things to the heavens above. Well, maybe not… but close to it. There are a lot of things you can do with paper, and even with all the articles we’ve written about it, I don’t think we’ve seen the half of it. I am sure that almost all of the gadgets we use today have at some point been a paper mock up just so someone could visualize the design in the beginning of the process. Artists have been using paper for several hundred years, but it’s been in collaboration with the brush of course. Today artists have a new approach where they actually create shadows, structure and texture by just folding paper. As we all know, it’s called origami, but that is not what this article is about.

This one will bring out the true depth of papercraft with the help of razor sharp scalpels. What you are looking at is the holy papercraft Darth Vader, and it was created by adding paper layers on top of each other. The cutting process in this creation is truly epic, but it is when the whole thing is put together that you will really see the true skills that have been put into building this awesome artwork.

It’s created by the people over at Lobulo Design. As a treat, they have included a “making of” video that is about 2 minutes long just to document and showcase the painstakingly intricate process of putting this badboy together. Not only is the process mighty inspiring, but the awesome holy Darth Vader is pretty epic in itself as well. I can’t wait to see more papercraft creations from these guys, and I am hoping that there will be more videos to come with them. Brilliant artwork!

The Holy Papercraft Darth Vader

Via: [Geek-Art]