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It has taken over the world in more than just lines on a paper. It’s now viewable in every consumable media outlet and it looks as it won’t stop spreading it’s style anytime soon. We see this inspiring style in Comics, Movies, Music and Ads. There’s even people now trying to look like this cult drawing style. Just look at bands like “Tokio Hotel” and “Cinema Bizarre“. It’s a rave style and it pictures rebels in action and what could then be better than pulling together an article here at Bit Rebels that just deals with everything that has to do with Manga.

I will attempt to round up the most useful and inspiring tutorials when it comes to Manga drawing and coloring and as always before don’t put too much thought into the quality of some of the tutorials. It’s still the message and the knowledge in them that is of essence here.

Drawing a Manga cartoon is quite a feat and it takes tons of practise to really outline the most substantial details considered being the Manga style. But with a little bit of practise and a bit of dedication I think you can really pull this style off. I am personally still looking for that website that has nothing to do with cartoons or movies to embrace the Manga style and really go all out and incorporate the theme on their site. How could would that be! I would stay on a site like that for hours just to check out what and how they incorporated it into their brand and business. So, hang in there and practise. Enjoy!