Post-It Revolution: Stop Wasting, Start Ripping

Ever since Post-It notes where introduced, there have been plenty of redesigns and ideas for how to actually increase the use and design of the small note papers. It is no surprise why the Post-It notes have been so successful when you think about all the little things you want to remember each day. Post-It’s are the perfect tool for writing down small notes for you to remember, and that has lead to an ever increasing selling success. However, is there really a way to further redesign and make the successful little sticky paper even more successful?

Well, if you would listen to Chu Li-Chiao, Yang Hsiang-Hui and Yang Kai-Cheng the answer is indisputable. Their new approach is all about size. With every Post-It note that you write where only half the little strip of paper is used, you’re wasting the other half. And as you wouldn’t want to scribble down several things that are not connected to each other on the same strip of paper, this solution is ultimately inconvenient when you look at it from an environmental point of view.

With the brilliant name of “Save Post-It” they have refined the concept and made it more intuitive. Each line of the paper itself is perforated and ready to be ripped off at any line. That way, you can easily choose for yourself what kind of size you want for the piece of paper that you write on. Furthermore, you will of course still be able to sticky the note due to the top edge of the paper itself, just like the original Post-It. I think it’s a real step up from the ordinary ones. Brilliant! Just to clarify, it’s a concept design so far.