Recycle Art: The Best Use Of Old Books To Date!

I consider myself to be an average book reader, but I can’t say that I have truck loads of them sitting around on my book shelves. I would much rather read what’s online instead of disconnecting myself from the bit world. With the world changing its focus to a more PDF driven society, it is getting more and more apparent that books are becoming a thing of the past, sort of. People seem to want the ability to read whatever book they want, wherever they might be, so carrying a book with you instead of an iPad, for example, serves no purpose anymore.

So what should we do with all those paper pages bundled into bricks of knowledge? Well, we could follow TU Delft Library’s example and create one of the most awesome front desks you have ever seen. It’s entirely built with unused books, and it works as a storage space as well as an inspirational front desk.

But, then again, who has a couple of thousand books laying around that you don’t read anymore? Should every library be just like TU Delft Library? If they were, then I am sure we would run out of books quite fast. It’s truly amazing recycle art for sure!