Squeeze to Pop Calendar

If you think about it we always count down to something. There is always an event we’re looking forward to and we’re happily counting down the years, month, days, hours, minutes and seconds until that specific event will happen. Some does it using a digital alarm clock while some uses the old and ultimately retro paper calendar to make sure they are in sync with their goals. But lately the retro analog calendars have gone out of style and they are not as fun as they used to be. Usually the only enjoyment you get out of them is the monthly new picture that you get to look at. Whether it’s the widely popular swimsuit edition, super cars edition or the cute animals edition it never seem to make a lasting interest.

But now there is a new way for you to enjoy your calendar each and every day. The new Squeeze to Pop calendar or as it is named the “Bubble Wrap Calendar” is new take on everyday entertainment. The concept is quite simple yet powerful. Who doesn’t love those sheets of plastic bubbles. The satisfaction in popping those bubbles can last for hours.

Sometimes the most useless things can be made into something genius and fun by just combining two widely used, somewhat boring, objects into one. Now we can all enjoy the popping sound and sattisfaction each and every day for a whole year. Made available by the company “Perpetual Kid” you can purchase this popping calendar for just under 20 bucks. And don’t worry about people not enjoying your newly purchased wonder. At 48″ tall and 18″ wide the calendar is quite hard to miss. It also means that you will have more satisfactory pop as the bubbles are quite larger than on regular bubble wrap. Now, go get your poppers and start counting down the days…