T-Shirt Design: Chuck Norris Is Now Wearing You!

It was a while ago that Chuck Norris was the “Bacon” thing on the Internet, but it lingers on like it is a resilient disease that just won’t give up. I think you all know what I mean. Everything that made the viral tube was a hit with a Chuck Norris stamp and the viral became even more viral. Maybe it is because Chuck Norris is such a force in himself, or just the fact that he’s probably the only living martial arts expert that has been up against the legendary Bruce Lee. It feels like it was eons ago, but it’s not that long ago really. The pace of the Internet has brought us to a point where information becomes second hand news by the time the clock hits the same number a second time during the same day.

Even though the Chuck Norris spoof is long played out, I still have to share this t-shirt design. Why? Because it cracks me up, and it’s one of the most creative designs that I have seen in a while. The brilliance of Chuck Norris wearing you is just beyond funny, and it really works no matter what color you choose on your t-shirt.

So next time you decide to bash down on Mr. Chucky “Cheese” Norris himself, take a look at your t-shirt and you’ll see who’s wearing who. You’re nothing but a carry-on bag, a pinch on the back or even a cheap t-shirt. Chuck Norris is the legend that will most likely outlive the grand expectations you have in life, and he does it on your t-shirt. Period! Designer: Mr-R