Technique | Proportional Design

There are many ways you can conceptualize an idea. To design if you will. One particular way is to do it the mathematical way. There’s a technique called “Proportional Design” that is based on…yup you guessed it…proportions. It delivers a clean and quite interesting result that really pleases the eye and the brain at the same time. Somehow us humans enjoy proportional things. Be it being design, humans or any other thing that catches the eye. If it’s good or bad is another question. Usually we all work like it even though we want to.

But I know some of you are going to disagree, and with all right. However, proportion is proportional for all of us and is not the same for us all. Some think certain things are just the perfect proportions while others think the total opposite is the norm. Really, you should compare your mind with someone else and you will rapidly know what I am talking about. Don’t we all love math?! I know I do…guess in the right proportion though… :)