The Best Design & Practices For Business Cards [Infographic]

The very best way to receive or give someone your contact information is of course by handing out a business card. It’s still proven that the best way to secure new connections is to meet them in real life. Whether it is at an event, through a business meeting or even through friends doesn’t really matter. The online way of course saves a lot of time, and it’s also high up there on the interaction scale, but the very best way is still to meet someone face to face. There is a lot of science that goes into this whole world of business card design and practices. It’s even more than you might initially think. There is almost a whole movement around it really.

In an attempt to help ease you into this community (if you’re not already a power level user), I thought I’d publish a little infographic that might help you through your initial questions. The infographic itself is created by WEBS and is called How To Design The Best Business Card. It spans a little bit further out than just the design, so that name might be a little bit deceiving. It actually goes into business card etiquette and how you should and should not present your business card to someone.

Designing the perfect business card is of course a whole lot of work. It’s different for each company since their business model varies. However, there are some key features you need to get right in order to at least make sure you come across professional. They are all outlined in this infographic, and when you are eventually done with your design, just make sure you know exactly how to hand out or receive a business card in China or Japan for example. To have gone through all of that creativity and then fail at the finish line isn’t exactly how it should all go down. Know your trade, and you will definitely bind more connections to your Rolodex.

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