Turn A Boring IKEA Table Into A Kick Ass Lego Table

I stopped shopping at IKEA years ago. Their furniture is kind of like Ramen Noodles. It is fabulously awesome during a certain phase of life, but after that, it’s over. However, this super duper Lego table made from a boring, plain looking IKEA table might be enough to inspire me to give that store a chance again.

Quentin, the man behind TOKI WOKI, bought this IKEA table and turned it into what you see below. What an incredible transformation and geektastic interior design! The first thing he had to do was research some Lego details, which he did at Brickipedia. Next, he decided on his “pixel size” based on how many Lego bricks he would need and how much that would cost.

He ordered his Legos at Pick A Brick, received them soon after, and went to work on his creation. If you would like to read more about the geeky construction process, you can go to TOKI WOKI. In the meantime, enjoy this time-lapse video Quentin made which illustrates the overall project. He took 1020 shots in an hour. Wow, nice job! It’s all very inspiring! #LegoRocks

Geeky Lego Pixel Furniture Project

Lego Pixel Interior Design Table

Header Image Credit: [mmaxer / Shutterstock]