Typography Landscape | Hand Drawn Awesomeness

I can just say wow. I have no other word to describe this very creative and awesome looking piece of artwork. Literally I am on my way here to the studio and got caught up in front of the computer looking at this person hand drawing a landscape typography piece. The amount of time this must have taken is mind blowing and watching the result in the end it’s clear there must have been times when the artist must have gone…NO MORE!

But, finishing up this experimental art piece was more than worth it I guess as the artist managed to get me all inspired as well as glued stuck to the screen. It looks like there has been quite some research when it comes to fonts and typefaces. All I can say once again is WOW. I am literally inspired and the creativity is at its highest level ever. Thanks for this… Now, if there only was a wallpaper made out of this…