TRON Legacy: Fan-Made Trailer Even Impresses Movie Maker

There is a whole culture out there where geeks and nerds are recreating trailers of upcoming movies. Sometimes they are just that, geeky imitations of the real thing. But every once in a while, along comes something so great that it actually supersedes the real trailer. When that happens, it helps promote that specific movie so much more. And for the makers of the movie, that’s the best promotion it can get. It’s completely free as well. Everyone likes free, right?

When you create something that people like, it’s nice and a great way to further express yourself. When you make it so well that even the maker of the movie itself is impressed, then you know you’ve done something to be proud of. Josh Prescott did this and got the attention of movie makers around the world.

With his own TRON trailer, he managed to up the energy and the anticipation of the movie by a boat load. Not only is it more inspirational, it also has every element you can think of from a good trailer… suspense, intensity and pure eye candy. Sometimes movie makers should listen and hire people that actually know a thing or two about being a fan of something they are creating. It would sure do them good in this case.