Pac-Man: The Official Movie Trailer Is Out

My first thought was, this must be a joke. And to some extent it is, but not completely. The trailer is a real one that is amping up the hype around a new series on American TV this year. Some say it’s more of a movie but Merv Griffin Entertainment, the producer of the show, is telling us that it is very much real. It’s for a new show very much like Wipeout. The entire trailer makes my whole being shiver out of pure dislike, but still I had to watch it in its fullness. It’s incredibly bad, but at the same time, it’s entertaining in a very scary way. It’s like watching some poor teenager texting while walking and finding herself head first in a fountain. You want to see it, but at the same time, you feel really sorry for what she’s going through. This trailer is giving off about the same feelings, but in more professional packaging if you know what I mean.

This series, that the producers have decided to call a reality show, is all about people making a fool out of themseleves and maybe making a buck while doing it. Why they chose an epic and retro game like Pac-Man isn’t that hard to understand since pretty much everyone with their head clear knows what Pac-Man is.

The real question is really if this concept will become the same annoying success as Wipeout. I mean, when will we all get enough of people getting smashed, flipped and grounded head first while we laugh at their demise? I guess only time will tell, but if you’re like me, curious about pretty much anything that has to do with movies and technology, this is your fix for today. Enjoy it any way you see fit.