Every Rapper Name Ever On One Single Image

If you are a big fan of rap music, I am sure you know pretty much every rapper’s name out there who is popular at the moment. I sometimes feel it is a bit hard to keep track of them all since they sure must be in one of the most productive styles of music ever. New rappers are introduced to the masses on pretty much a daily basis, and each new song seems to break the last one’s record. It’s quite impressive if I may say so myself. However, is there a way to get an overview of all the rappers out there today? Is it even possible to list them all to know what names they have actually used? There are literally thousands of known rappers out there, so the task would be nothing less than mammoth in size.

Well, someone just tried and the result is epic in every way. The guys over at Pop Chart Lab have undertaken the attempt, and it’s something you surely should have a look at. I don’t think anyone has ever been able to pull so many names into such a small area before and still made it understandable. But I warn you, navigating this thing takes some skill and patience. Why? Because there are so many names on there that trying to find the one you are looking for will literally make you go mad! But, there is of course a system to the whole thing, and that is that each name is put into a category of words that are in the name.

This chart has been made into a poster that is available for purchase for just $30 over at their website. I could imagine this would be a great poster to put up on your studio wall or even in your living room, if you are a big rapper fan. It looks quite cool and stylish, and the names will keep your guests busy for hours and hours. A word of caution though, make sure you have the next few hours freed up as this thing will keep you busy for quite some time.

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Via: [Uncrate]