How To Beat Your Friends at Bejeweled Blitz

There are not many games I play on Facebook, I just cant find the time. However, there is one game I do play called Bejeweled Blitz because it only lasts one minute.

Bejeweled Blitz is a new twist on an old classic game. The goal is to get as many points as you can in one minute by matching identical “gems”.  Add Multiplier Gems, Speed Bonuses and some funky sounds effects and you have yourself a new afternoon addiction.

Like many of the other Facebook games, Bejeweled Blitz keeps track of your score and compares it with your friends. I dont think people play this game because it is fun, but rather the challenge of topping your friends comes with great satisfaction and a message delivered telling them so.

Ready to make your way up that list? Try these tips and tricks…

goGet Started. You can actually start matching gems before the game tells you to begin! As soon as you see gems, start matching them up.  Remember the key to this game is speed, the more matches you can make and faster you go, the higher the score.

speedSpeed Bonus. Start matching and dont stop. If you manage to match 10 gems one after another you will gain the speed bonus.  As long as you can keep this up each point scored will multiply by this number. With a maxed-out speed bonus every move is worth 1250 points.

multiplierMultiplier gems. The little colorful gems with the “x” followed by a number are the key to scoring big. Make it a priority to obtain and match the multipliers. If you can get up to a x5 you will multiply each score by 5 times. Just think, its like scoring 5 times in the time it takes to match one.

big0matchesBig Matches. Try and match 4 or 5 gems at a time. This will create Hypercubes, Flame and Star Gems instrumental in creating large explosions and lots of points. Big matches also give you more chances at extra Multiplier Gems and will help mix up the board.

bottomGo Low. Matches made at the bottom of the board are more likely to generate cascades. When you move all of the gems down after a match the greater the chance you could automatically match and score more points with others.

explosionThink before you Hypercube. When you get a Hypercube, the thing that blows up all the similar gems, use it to on the color with the most gems on the screen or on the same color of any multiplier gems on the board. Hypercubes are a great way to get a Multiplier without making a match.

learnLearn from your Yourself. The score chart provided on the Game Over screen is a great place to discover strategies of your own. Make sure you take the time to review this chart for your highest scoring games to learn the secrets of your own success.

practive-makes-perfectPractice Makes Perfect. Just keep playing. The more you play, the faster you will get. Just remember it may only be a 60 second game but before you know it, there goes your lunch break!