How You Know A Drummer Is At The Wrong Gig

Usually you know when a band is complete and in perfect symbiosis. Everything about their music is great, and it’s an experience just watching them perform. There are a great many bands that truly mesmerize their audiences to the point of almost ecstasy, if not all the way. Then we have bands that are truly struggling to find their perfect chemistry. Let me tell you, this band is not one of those.

Rick K. and The Allnighters are one of the coolest blocks of people and performers I have seen in a while. At the beginning of the song, you think it’s another one of those “ordinary” cover bands that you know you will just start yawning at about half through the song if not before.

And then, at the peak of boredom, the drummer suddenly starts taking over the show and single-handedly brings you back to perfect attention. Let me tell you… it doesn’t stop there. You will be cheering out loud when this piece is over. If that fellow behind those drum sticks isn’t the coolest cat on the face of the planet, then I don’t know who is. However, the fact remains that he’s giving every impression that he’s at the perfectly wrong gig. He should be the lead man at a Kiss concert or Iron Maiden maybe. Either way, it brought a humongous smile to my face and if Rick K. and The Allnighters ever come to my side of the world, I’ll pay for two tickets just to go and see them.