The Lazy Bettor: How To Increase Your Sports Betting Winnings From Canada

The objective of betting in any country, including Canada, is to increase one’s chances of winning a jackpot. You, like every other bettor, should be prepared to master certain strategies that will allow you to achieve victory more quickly. You can learn how to succeed at sports betting by taking the advice of trained analysts and advisors, who can provide precise recommendations and behavioral guidelines.

On the other hand, if you choose to spend your cash on betting rather than on experts, the article that follows is written specifically for you.

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Is Sports Betting Legal In Canada?

In Canada, betting on sports is permitted legally over the internet, and each province has the authority to determine how gambling on sports is handled within its borders.

The lotteries of most provinces offer some kind of sports betting, and most of these lotteries accept wagers. The rise of the sector of betting on sports in Canada, however, is only getting started.

Bill C-218

It turns out that wagering on sports has been accessible as a parlay through provincial lotteries for a few years now. In August of 2021, however, more robust alternatives become available to people in Canada. In that same month, Canadian politicians passed Bill C-218, which made changes to the nation’s Criminal Code to permit single game sports betting in Canada at sporting events.

Prior to 2021, anyone who was interested in sports betting in Canada had two distinct options: they could either visit a local sportsbook that was governed by the territorial or provincial government in order to place parlay bets with 3 or more legs, or they could go to an offshore sportsbook in order to enjoy single-game sports betting.

Because they require you to correctly forecast the outcomes of numerous separate sporting events, parlays have a well-deserved reputation for being challenging. If any of the selections come up short, the wager is considered a loss.

Because of this, the majority of Canadians mostly opted to use offshore sportsbooks.

The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act passed this bill for the same reason. By doing this, business and therefore the revenue from sports betting was brought back to its own nation. With the passage of this bill, individual provinces will have the authority to launch single-game sports betting.

How To Increase Your Chance Of Winning At Sports Betting

Earning extra money through sports betting can be a fun and thrilling experience.  But it’s crucial to keep in mind that it’s also a dangerous hobby.

No matter how experienced or novice they are, bettors in any sport are constantly searching for the best strategies to raise their chances of winning. There are a few things you can do to improve your odds of winning, but there are no guarantees in sports betting.

Here are some tips on how to improve your chances of winning:

1. Open Accounts At Multiple Sportsbooks

By doing this you can take advantage of the various lines and odds offered by each sportsbook. You can compare bookies to find the best deal for your bets.

Opening several accounts can be intimidating for some gamblers since they fear staying on top of many different accounts. However, a lot of online sportsbooks have options like account aggregating, which make it simple to manage all of your wagers in one location.

2. Compare Prices And Odds To Get The Best Deals

Blind betting can occasionally be entertaining, but it doesn’t provide you the optimal chances of succeeding, especially over the long term. Finding the finest lines and odds prior to placing bets is the first step to being a successful sports bettor.

Numerous sportsbooks, both online and offline, provide various lines and odds for the same games.  By looking around, you can make sure that you receive the best value for your bets.

3. Have A Bankroll Management Plan

A bankroll management plan is yet another crucial piece of advice for maximizing your chances of success when you bet on sports. Determining how much you can allow yourself to lose on any given day is necessary for this. It’s also critical to understand how much you must win in order to turn a profit.

You can manage your betting behavior with the use of a bankroll management strategy, which is essential for long-term success. You can make sure that you are consistently placing wise and well-informed wagers by adhering to your bankroll management plan.

4. Narrow Your Game Selection

It can be enticing to want to wager on each game, however, doing so will definitely result in you losing money. Instead, it would help if you were to concentrate your bets on a small number of games that you are familiar with.

You’ll be able to place more informed and wiser bets as a result, increasing your likelihood of success. You are more likely to correctly forecast the result of a game if you have a greater understanding of the teams and players involved.

5. Use A Betting Plan

Last but not least, using a betting plan is one of the finest methods to improve your chances of succeeding at sports betting. The optimal betting strategy for you will rely on your objectives, risk tolerance, and familiarity with the games you are betting on.

There are so many different betting strategies available. Value betting, hedging, and arbitrage are a few typical betting tactics.

Finding bets with odds you think don’t accurately reflect the likelihood of a result is called value betting. By betting on various outcomes, you can reduce your losses should one of your wagers lose. This strategy is known as hedging. And arbitrage makes money regardless of the outcome of the game by taking advantage of discrepancies in odds between various sportsbooks.


There you have it, then. These are only a few suggestions to assist you to improve your sports betting odds of success. Keep in mind that there is no definite strategy to ensure success.

But if you adhere to these recommendations, you will greatly improve your chances of succeeding. Always practice self-control and never wager money than you can afford to lose, don’t become part of the prescription drug problem be wise and stay healthy.

Always be aware that gambling can and may result in addiction, give yourself regular breaks from playing and seek help if things get out of hand.

Disclaimer: Never play for more than you can afford to lose. Gambling can lead to a serious addiction. Gamble responsibly.

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