Microsoft .NET vs. Java – The Movie Trailer

What can I say. Sometimes the people behind these spoof/marketing ideas really do their homework and create something really cool and funny. Usually they just “do” it in order to get the money and be done with it. Left behind is a product that is boring and without any appeal whatsoever. However, this one is different, it has plenty of appeal. It doesn’t lack anything. Maybe it’s a little bit cheesy with the names and all, but besides that, it’s spot on.

Named the “Java-4-Ever” this little movie trailer makes for a funny battle between the two platforms that will keep every geek on his toes. You don’t have to be a genius to find this funny. You can throw out the mechanics if you want, and if that makes it easier to follow. The whole thing is über funny.

If you’re a supporter of either of these platforms, you will find it quite easy to pick a side and become a voice in the ongoing battle between the two. But, don’t let this little piece of computer history in the making get to you. Whatever platform works best for you is probably what is going to help you progress. Or, maybe not. The choice is yours.