Water Music – 597 Glasses of Insane Crystal Mastery

You are probably familiar with the bottles that if filled with water and then blown into, you’ll get a certain pitched sound. The more water you put in the bottle, the higher the pitch of the sound you get. You can do this with glasses as well. It is something that most of us have tried at one time or another. You fill up some glasses with water and then slide the top edges with a wet finger to generate a crystal clear sound. However, that’s where most of us get it all wrong. When setting it all up, you need pure crystal glasses in order for it to make that perfect pitched sound that sounds like something taken from a Harry Potter movie.

Throughout the years, there have been many people trying to master this technique but I tell you, there is no one that masters it better than Petr Spatina. He is a Czeck born glass musician who I am sure will blow your mind. This piece, which is really an ad for a new Skoda car, is something that would mesmerize me in front of the TV if I saw it. The commercial is both stunningly beautiful as well as inspiring and captivating.

Mr. Spatina plays a magical tune on 597 crystal glasses (however never using all of them) and let me tell you, the tune is truly awesome. The skills and perfect timing this master of all glasses has is more than just a fake edited TV spot, which is clear when you see his street performances around the world. Here’s something you won’t see everyday…