What Are The World’s Most Valuable Sports Franchises? [Infographic]

Firstly, the most valuable sport in the world is American Football, with an estimated worth of around $76 billion. This wonderful infographic from Franchise Info will take you through 10 of the most valuable sports franchises. Manchester United are the most valuable football franchise, with an estimated value of around $3.69 billion. An impressive stat from the Manchester-based club is that they have spent over £700 million on transfers alone since 2008, of course not as much as their neighbor club and bitter rival Manchester City, spending an incredible £1 billion.

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Another massive sporting franchise is the Dallas Cowboys, also the most valuable franchise in the world which is owned by Jerry Jones. [pullquote]An interesting fact about Jerry is that even though he is worth over $5.6 billion, he still is very down to earth as he made his children get jobs at the popular American food chain Wendy’s.[/pullquote] This was to teach them the true value of money. Being the owner of the Dallas Cowboys for 28 years he has seen some massive up’s and downs and has seen its worth rise over $4 billion since he bought it back in 1989.

The fact that these franchises are worth billions (yes, that’s billions of dollars) is a testament to their popularity. Sports truly attract a lot of people and money seems to be growing on trees. However, these franchises have all seen their share of ups and downs through the years. They are, in themselves, large corporations trying to make more money doing what they love and do best, sports.

There are hundreds of other franchises out there that are making huge amounts of money as well. It is estimated that by the end of 2017 the global sports industry will be worth north of $90 billion according to Statista.

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Sports Franchises And What They Are Worth

World's Most Valuable Sports Franchises Infographic