A Toaster Made Out Of… Toast!

I just had breakfast, and I’m settling back in front of the screen again to keep working. I’ve long been contemplating whether or not I should start taking pictures while having breakfast just to make these somewhat lame moments everlasting and static. For whatever reason, I have no idea why, but they always start a debate. People apparently love food, and they aren’t afraid to talk about it. Then again, why would they be, right?

Well, as I stumbled on the keyboard and started to check on things, I found a rather neat little art project which fell right in line with the moment I had enjoyed just a few minutes earlier. It is a project that would make anyone hungry again, even though you’ve just had your… well, first breakfast.

It’s the Toaster project! It’s put together by artists Ingrid Falk and Gustavo Aguerre for the Buenos Aires First International Art Biennial. It’s one of those nifty little projects that will have you asking… “What will become of that toaster?” literally. What it is all about is they are pretty much making a toaster out of toast. It’s a pain staking process where they need to… well, toast their bread to different degrees of color to make sure it fits with the overall “pixel” of the particular position where the slice of bread goes.

As you can imagine, it will take quite a long time to complete, and whether they eat this thing afterwards or not I have no idea. I am pretty sure that the smell throughout the room when putting it together is all about the uplifting breakfast scent. Well, maybe not when they hit the scorched ones. Unfortunately there aren’t more images available for this piece just yet, but when we get them, we’ll be sure to publish them for your pleasure. Now, anyone up for breakfast? Brunch maybe?

Toaster Made Out Of Toasts