The Abbreviated History Of Star Wars At-A-Glance [Infographic]

We write about Star Wars a lot on Bit Rebels. Our loyal readers are Star Wars fans too, and they have come to expect us to cover all the cool Star Wars shenanigans on the web. However, new readers who stumble upon our blog, and those who may not be Star Wars fans probably wonder what’s up. They may think we’re Star Wars fanatics, and they’re probably right. If you haven’t followed this intergalactic story, I’d like to share the abbreviated history of Star Wars with you.

If you are a girl who is dating a Star Wars geek, and if you know nothing about Star Wars, this infographic could be very valuable for you. It could provide you with just enough information so you can have an intelligent conversation about Star Wars with your guy. Of course, plenty of geeky girls love Star Wars too, so if you’re a guy who needs to get caught up on what’s happened in the Star Wars universe so you know what your girl is talking about, here ya go.

This infographic simply titled Star Wars (by and designed by goes through an abbreviated history of Star Wars including the characters, the timeline, some facts and a little trivia.

I thought I was pretty educated about the history of Star Wars, but I didn’t know that it took seven actors to play Darth Vader over the years. I also didn’t know that George Lucas originally wrote the part of Luke to be played by a girl. Also, Han Solo was originally supposed to be an alien. Then Han was changed to be an African American human. And finally he was changed to be just a white guy. This is really fun to read! If you want to read some more interesting info about how they made the movies, click over to Fascinating Ways The Original Star Wars Model Makers Created Props.

The History Of Star Wars At-A-Glance

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