Angry Birds Kids: The REAL Way Of Playing The Game

For all of you who thought we had stopped writing about the Angry Birds game, I am happy to disappoint you.  Well, not really happy, but this thing is just too good to pass up.  I don’t really know what else to say about the game more than that it’s still one of the most purchased and downloaded games in the App Store, and it is likely to stay there for some time.  With the new game Angry Birds Rio coming up, I am sure the top spot will just be traded from the now ruling Angry Birds game that’s lingering week after week up there.  The producers of the game, Rovio, have promised that the new game will be better, larger and sport a new graphics engine to give us even more of the good stuff.

But in this particular article, I don’t want to focus on the game more than the spirit of it.  It started as one of the coolest ideas in photographer Jason Lee‘s head, and it quickly became quite a genius and playful photo session.  His kids had just gotten the Angry Birds Beanies and it was from that that he started to think about a real version of the game.

So, for Jason it was only natural to use his own kids for this session.  He started shooting pictures and took them into Photoshop, and soon he had something truly hilarious and unique.  Put a couple of hats on the kids, throw them up in the air and snap a few pictures.  Organize everything in Photoshop with TNT boxes and green pigs and you have yourself a hell of a cool shot.  It’s brilliantly executed for sure!  I can’t stop laughing!

Angry Birds Kids Air Battle

Angry Birds Real Life Slingshot

Angry Birds Knitted Hat Photography

Angry Birds Green Pig Hat