Aniballs | Will Tiger Woods Have a New Set Of Balls?

It’s clear that Tiger Woods is on his way back to playing golf. Everything is pointing in that direction yet we are all wondering if he will remain the true champion that he was even after screwing everything up. The real question is, would Tiger consider playing with a new set of balls that could potentially follow up his hole seeking endeavors? Rumors say he will return and still be able to match and win respect on the golf course, but in what way we will all have to wait and see.

Maybe he should consider using this set of new golf balls to win the sympathy of the crowd and possibly take the game to another level. The highly irregular flight of these balls is sure to make anyone want to walk 20 miles just to see some 10 second action every now and then. In combination with a good set of goggles, this could make for a fun Saturday evening. What position will the animal land in on the green?

Designer studio Monsieur Madame Design has come up with a unique set of new golf balls that makes for a great laugh every time you see them. Painted on the balls are a sheep, cow, pig, goat, donkey and a dog. They all have accompanying legs to make them sturdy when standing on the tee getting ready for the flight of a lifetime. Nobody knows if the designer intends for these to be “party” balls or just for good laughs. But, one thing is for sure, if Tiger Woods would lay one of these up on the tee, I would certainly give some of that cred right back to him. Then at least he would have… the balls.