Armadillos love physics!

Its right they do!  Games based on physics are not that new anymore, especially since Half-life 2 raised the game.  But if you can remember back to the earlier 90’s of PC gaming you will remember “The Incredible Machine”.  This game gave you a set of tools and a task.  That task was normally to move something from one side of the screen to the other.

Now you have that picture in your head, imagine a game completely based on physics and your imagination.  You are given the tools to build a save and effective path for your armadillo (kinda looks like a basket ball to me – but meh) to reach his goal!  Keep the him save and you will move on to the next level, each level gets harder and you are given more tools, such as rockets and other crazy stuff.

There is also an option to build your own puzzles which can be downloaded from their website, you can also download many other levels and set pieces, complex runs that people have spent hours building.

The demo is available free from here:

If you like the game, which I would be surprised if you didn’t, its a small donation of £9.99 or $19.99 USD.

Here is a little video to get you in the mood!