Can’t Afford A Car? Build A Lego One…

OK, the car industry is about the worst industry to be in right now with the recession and all putting company after company in bankruptcy. People just don’t buy cars anymore in the same pace as they used to. maybe it’s because we try to save money for more important things now when the world has a black looming cloud hanging over pretty much everything that has to do with money. OR, maybe we just can’t afford it right now with all the “let go’s” that’s details each and every newspaper each morning and evening.

Whatever the reason is…go with LEGO if you need a new car. Building blocks are cheaper now and you have the great choice of choosing whatever car you want. Depending on your level of patience building it.

Here you have a Volvo entirely build in Lego. However, I must say that looking through the front window seems a little hard at the moment. I would suggest you put transparent blocks there instead. Just my 5 cents…

Lego Volvo

Lego Volvo