Classic Nintendo Game Scenes Recreated Using Lego

Many times we have talked about the creativity of the block, the Lego block that is, on Bit Rebels. It’s no secret that we always try to find everything that might be considered epic, geeky or just awesome when it comes to Lego. A lot of imes people send us stuff that is not only epic in size, but it has some kind of clever behind the scenes story to it. It’s easy to jumble a lot of blocks together and call it epic due to the size of the build you have managed to compile. However, when it comes to the more memorable ones, they always have some kind of structure, idea and finesse behind them that poke our senses and make us sway towards checking them out.

It’s no secret that we really enjoy the retro days of Nintendo as well, and everything it has given us through the years. It’s such a cult gadget, and I don’t think it will ever go out of style. Sure, there might be a ton of different upgrades and incarnations of it, but the name will always be connected to the days when we sat there in our rooms and hit away on our square controllers to make it through to the next level, no matter how blocky the graphics were.

Maybe that is why Cuusoo user Zombieattack, a seemingly big fan of both Lego and Nintendo, put together a set of awesome Nintendo scenes all created out of Lego. Yup, there really is a way to mash together just about anything. This Lego and Nintendo mashup seems to be a match made in heaven since it quite accurately portrays the 8-bit graphics that we are all so familiar with. Marvel over these small builds and dream yourself back to the retro days of the ’80s. Stuff like this could totally keep us inspired for days!




Via: [Technabob]