Costumes Through The Decades: The Constant Change [Infographic]

The days are getting darker and the time to choose a Halloween costume is becoming frighteningly short. I have yet to pick out the costume I am wearing, and I guess I am not the only one, right? In my previous article about Halloween Alter Egos, I said I was picking out a few in order to let them marinate a bit in my mind before I pick one of them. Well, that never happened, and here I am now writing yet another article about how you could get influenced by the many trends and egos that supposedly make the decision a whole lot less frustrating. As it turns out, it’s pure torture, and at least I am not a single step closer to picking the one costume to wear on Halloween.

To make matters worse, I stumbled over an interesting infographic from Halloween Express called A Costume For Every Era. Now I feel even worse since it seems that through the decades people have been able to pick exactly, and quite easily, what to wear on this fright night of eves. It’s a timeline of what was the trend through the eras and what people wore most during these time periods.

It’s interesting to see, but I am surprised not to see the Scream mask (or Ghost Face as it is called) among these fine costumes. That one was a huge deal not too many years ago, and in my opinion, it should have definitely been on this list. None of the really scary ones, like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger or even Michael Myers can be found on this list either. That’s just wrong since those have to be the scariest movies (most popular and memorable) in human history. Or, maybe it’s just me liking them so much. Either way, they should have definitely made the list. Don’t you think?

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A Costume For Every Era