Creative LEGO Wedding Dress Is The Ultimate Geek Wedding Wear

It’s summer, and there are a lot of people who have plans to get married. Geek weddings usually look a lot different compared to ordinary weddings. We have seen that here on Bit Rebels throughout the years with geek proposals and wedding favors that would make even Tony Stark’s mind twist and turn in pure joy. When it comes to wedding dresses, I think few have been as epic as the creative LEGO dress you are about to glue your eyes on in this article.

This mad and creative LEGO wedding dress is the direct result from an earlier wedding dress created entirely out of balloons. When you put a creative mind in contact with LEGO, anything can happen, and this is certainly the proof of that. Japanese artist Rie Hosokai has perhaps set the bar with this creative LEGO wedding dress. It could possibly make most geeks marvel over the creativity behind it. The dress, which would probably weigh more than what would be comfortable, definitely sends the message that your life is entirely about being a geek.

It’s unknown how many pieces were used to put this LEGO wedding dress together. I think it’s safe to assume that it was more than a feat to put it all together. The benefit of using LEGO as a material when making something like this is that the creative LEGO block offers an almost unlimited number of colors and patterns, which can easily be changed depending on the wearer’s own preferences.

Don’t be fooled though, this is of course just an art project that I doubt would ever be used in a real wedding. However, this LEGO wedding dress is a testament that LEGO really offers a universe full of creativity. You have to agree that even though it might not fit the usual wedding dress style, it’s probably the ultimate geek statement if your lady came walking in wearing this creative LEGO dress, right?

Rie Hosokai’s Creative LEGO Wedding Dress



Via: [UFunk – French]