Cuddle Fail: When A Dog Gets Statically Charged

As a young kiddo, I used to walk our dogs. Yeah, we had a bunch. My mother actually bred dogs called Leonbergers. The big ones weighed upwards of 185 pounds. At most, we had about 13 of them, so of course you can imagine that walking the dogs suddenly got a whole new ring to it. If you have ever had a dog, and if you know what can happen if you rub a balloon on your head, then you know that there is a pretty funny experiment that can be carried out right there. My lazy and slightly lame mind never connected the two as a kid, and I must admit that it would have been mighty funny to see what the result would have been on a 185 pound dog.

However, those times are gone, and all we have left is YouTube. I stumbled upon this clip prior to writing this article, and lord almighty this is a funny one. Some family has uploaded this clip showing how their daughter cuddled up to their small dag, who by the way is in dire need of a trim, and the result is hilarious. If you’ve ever wondered what a dog looks like when it’s statically charged, this is your chance.

I keep laughing my socks off every time I watch this piece of hilarity. This is way better than planking, way better! There should be a community around this as well. It could be called “Staticing.” I am not sure, but this is hopefully not harmful for the dog, and if it is, then of course there should be no staticing going on anywhere, but I doubt it could be. The dog seems quite elevated about the whole thing. You have to admit that it’s beyond hilarious, but I think it’s a shame they didn’t include the part when the static electricity starts wearing off. It would have been a great ending to this thing. I watch it over and over and over…

Dog Statically Charged When Cuddled