Dammit Doll Will Let You Release All Your Anger

Every once in a while, we all get a little bit angry at something or someone. Some people get the frustration or anger out verbally, while others shove their boxing gloves at a bag of sand. Some people even go further than that, but that is never recommended. The question is whether or not there is another way to get your anger out without punching a wall or cussing the heck out of some poor innocent person. Well, there is actually, and it is called the dammit doll. It’s a nifty little doll whose only purpose is to take your rage and suck it up. Yup, you can bash, hit, scream and throw this doll across the room, and it will never so much as blink. In an instant, all your anger and frustration will be consumed by this little silent doll.

The dammit doll allows you to get rid of all that anger and frustration without anything or anyone ending up in the line of fire, except the dammit doll that is. Whack it, kick it, throw it into the wall, do whatever you want with it to get all that bundled up annoyance out of you. The dammit doll won’t mind, quite the contrary. It is designed to take a good punch and will probably last you a good lifetime’s worth of anger.

It is made available by the Spoon Sisters and will set you back just $13.50. It’s a pretty cheap price for something that will make your life a whole lot happier, at least once you have gotten all that frustration out of you. As we all know, there are a lot of things you can get frustrated about as a geek, so the dammit doll will come in mighty handy. So next time you are sitting by the computer and can’t for your life understand what is causing your script not to work, take out your dammit doll and kick the living guts out of it to the kingdom come. It’ll settle the score, and you will be able to continue working. See, there is a solution for everything.

Dammit Doll From Spoon Sisters



Via: [Technabob]