Diagram Of Geek Culture: What Defines A Geek [Infographic]

It’s a hot topic, and with every right. The debate has been going on for a long time, and at least I don’t see an ending to it anytime soon. It’s a debate that has divided the geek community into two different groups which both claim they are right. What I am talking about is what the exact definition of a “geek” really is. It’s about what he or she does, wears and uses. It would probably take a good 1,000 pages to describe it completely, but that is not really what this whole thing is about. The debate is whether certain things should be considered nerd, geek or hipster. Yes, there is a significant different between those labels, and I am not the one to settle it.

I recently found a cool little infographic that pretty much lists a bunch of the things that a geek wears, loves and uses. It could serve as a little guide for people who want to know whether they are one of these stereotypes. The funny thing is that all three of these “personalities” are actually intermingled into each other, which makes it even harder to determine what stereotype a typical geek really is. I have touched on this subject a few times before, and to me it never gets old.

This geek stereotype map, called Diagram Of Geek Culture, was designed by Julianna Brion and is a jam packed visual that will keep you busy for quite a while. The chances that you will find what you like, if you are a geek that is, are quite high since there are a ton of different things mentioned in it. It ranges from Geek Types to Geek Social Communities, so soak it in and see for yourself whether you should consider yourself to be a true geek. So what do you think, does this summon up the real geek like we all see him or her, or is this one slightly off as well?

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Via: [Visual.ly]