Every Revision To The Star Wars Movies Since 1977 [Infographic]

If you have been awake at all lately, you probably have not missed the new box release of the Star Wars series on Blu-ray, right? Well, if you have, then you must have either been insanely busy or you just don’t give a rat’s ass. It’s pretty much everywhere these days. If it’s not on an ad in a paper, you can bet it’s on a huge billboard somewhere announcing the release. I can’t wait to check out just what changes they have made. If I am not entirely incorrect, there is a website somewhere that lists all the changes that have been done in this edition of the series. However, if you thought this was the first time George Lucas has made changes and then released the refurbished series on a new medium, you are a little off the mark I’m afraid.

There have actually been a slew of new releases over the years, and each one has its own revision of the content. I keep wondering just how much something can be enhanced that was shot on a crappy camera (compared to today’s standard that is) without deteriorating the entire pixel count. Sure, there must be a hell of a lot of new procedures to make the image clearer and the sound crisper; however, there is a limit to everything, right? If you have some extensive knowledge about these procedures, than feel free to enlighten us because I am eager to know just where it all ends.

Geektwins has put together an epic list of all (yes, apparently these are ALL of them) the revisions that have ever been made to the Star Wars series. You might have to look closely or magnify things on the screen just a tad to see clearly what it says, but this is by far the most complete revision list I have seen to date. I surprised myself wondering if my grandchildren will see the light of yet another Star Wars revision in about 50 years or so. At the pace things are going, I don’t have any doubt about that happening. What are your thoughts on this? Are the revisions making the movies any better, or is it just the icing on the cake?

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Star Wars Timeline Of Revisions