For A Trekkie Holiday: A Spock Christmas Tree Topper

Are you tired of that boring old angel you’ve been putting on top of your Christmas tree for decades? Are you itching for something different this holiday season? How about something a little more logical? I can see that for some people, the whole concept of gift giving on Christmas seems a little illogical. I mean, lots of people go out and spend more money than they have just to give gifts to people who they may not even see any other time during the year.

If you would like to be reminded to behave a little more logically this year, this Star Trek Spock Tree Topper might be just the thing for you. It doesn’t require any batteries, it just simply plugs into one of the tree lights.

I really can’t think of anything better to put on top of my tree than a picture of Spock reminding everyone to live long and prosper. That’s a pretty good holiday message that I think most people can understand, well, at least us geeks. Do you notice how the shapes around the edges look like Starfleet badges? What a nice touch. Now if I can just figure out how to make a tinsel tricorder, I’ll be all set. You can buy your own over at ThinkGeek for 40 bucks.

Geek Holiday Tree Topper

Geek Holiday Tree Topper

Via: [Geek Alerts]